Yaesu FGPS-2 GPS Antenna Kit



FGPS-2/CT-136: GPS antenna can be interfaced with the VX-8R in two ways. It can attach to the MH-74A7A speaker mic (sold separately). It can attach to the radio via the CT-136 adapter (sold separately).
The GPS Antenna Unit FGPS-2, which is based on a 12-channel receiver, provides GPS data. You may display your exact current position (latitude / Longitude), heading direction, moving speed, altitude etc. The optional FGPS-2 can be attached to the radio using the microphone input jack so that you may simultaneously enjoy total Hands-Free Operation using the optional Bluetooth headset, even though your radio is attached to your backpack, belt etc…
The Yaesu CT-136 is especially made to cradle the FGPS-2 GPS Antenna Unit/Module
The CT-136 can be used with the VX-8 and the FTM-350E (using the CT-133 GPS 3m Extension Cable)