Diamond MX-72D Antenna Duplexer



MX-72D: The antenna duplexer MX-72D (sometimes called diplexer) for two-band amateur radio 2m / 440 Mhz that will power a single dual-band antenna. The duplexer includes an SO-239 connector on the antenna side and two PL259 on the transceiver side.
You can also reverse the direction and use a single coaxial cable carrying a combined VHF / UHF signal and have the duplexer divide the signals into two different antennas, one for 2m and one for 440MHz.
The device is bidirectional, so the app works well. Of course, if you have two separate antennas, with two of these devices, you can have one at the radio end and the other at the end of two antennas, but use a single coaxial cable to get into your station.
Low-pass frequency coverage: 1.6-30 MHz 140-150 MHz.
High frequency frequency coverage: 400-460 MHz.
Low-pass loss: 0.1 dB.
Average loss of passage: 0.1 dB.
High-pass loss: 0.2 dB.
PEP low-pass: 1000 watts.
Mid Pass PEP: 400 watts.
PEP high-pass: 250 watts.
Insulation: 60 dB.
Mix connector: UHF female, SO-239.
Type of low-pass connector: UHF male, PL-259.
Port Connector Type High Pass: UHF Male, PL-259.