Wimo Windom (OCF) 10-80m 1000W




Windom 10-80m (OCF): The Windom antenna is a dipole in which the balun is not arranged in the middle but rather slightly offset (at about a third of the total length). In some cases this allows for cheaper suspension and a shorter lead (less weight!) because the balun is closer to the house.
The Windom antenna can only be used for bands that lie harmoniously with one another, i.e. for 160/80/40/20/17/12/10 m. The lowest (longest) band is determined by the length of the antenna. The SWR is good for all bands, usually no tuner is required. Due to the high base impedance, a 1:6 balun with PL socket is used. Structure with tensile steel strands with transparent plastic coating. Max-. Permissible transmission power either 200 or 1000.
The Windom antenna is one of the most popular wire antennas for radio amateurs. The reason lies in the larger bandwidth compared to blocking circuit dipoles. The asymmetrical arrangement of the dipole results in very favorable installation options in some situations. The Windom antenna can also be hung as a sloper or angled. As a rule, no tuner is required for operation; the SWR is very good over a wide band range. Due to the high base impedance, sheath waves can easily arise in the coaxial cable. The use of a sheath wave lock (choke) is therefore recommended. The length of the supply line (50 ohm coaxial cable) does not matter.

Features / Specifications:
Good SWR
Greater bandwidth
All stainless steel hardware
Frequency: 80, 40, 20, 17, 12 and 10 m
Max Power: 1000 Watts pep
Mono/multiband: Multiband
Length: 42m (137ft)
Balun diameter: 50 mm 1:6
Connector: SO-239 (PL female)
Antenna type: Dipole
Antenna design: Windom
Weight: 1.19kg
Wire: 3 mm with pvc coated
Insulators: 2