TOPTEK PA-500WH High Power Linear Amplifier.




PA-500WH: Super High Power HF linear amplifier features the latest in RF amplifier design. The circuit employs strip-line technology. This advanced tuning method eliminates both the requirement for hand selecting components and point-to-point wiring. This Technology coupled with the PA-500WH exclusive modular construction provides unsurpassed reliability and RF performance. The RF transistors are continuously biased through a fully regulated bias supply. A built-in cooling fan protects the RF transistors from thermal decay. Voltage regulation, temperature compensation.
TOPTEK: Linear amplifiers have an outstanding reliability record over many years! RF power transistors in push-pull (parallel)

Frequency Range:1.5 – 30 MHz
RF Input Power:5 – 50W AM/FM . 10- 100W SSB/CW
RF Output Power:450W AM/FM . 500W SSB.
Modes:AM / FM / SSB / CW
Transistors: 4 x Toshiba 2SC-2879
SWR:1.1 – 1.5
DC Power Requirement: DC 13.8V / 80 Amps Negative Ground Only
Dimensions:195 ( W ) x 285 ( L ) x 100 ( H ) mm
Weight:4.0 Kg

Make sure to install the PA-500WH in a location where an adequate flow of air will cool the aluminum heat sink. Do not install in an enclosed space such as console or glove box.

Note: Prior to switching the PA-500WH amplifier (ON) check that the PA-500WH rear panel mount PTT on / off control switch is set to (OFF) to ensure the carrier operate relay operates.