Spiderbeam 15m Aluminium Telescopic Mast.




Aluminium 15m: This mast was developed for serious portable operations & DX-peditions. It is still easy to transport by car and can be taken aboard normal sized airplanes. It will carry a portable Spiderbeam Yagi at its full height of 15m. The extra height will be especially noticeable on 20 and 17m, giving you a lower take off angle. The mast can be rotated by hand, or a rotator (e.g. KR-450 or KR-650) can be placed at the bottom and turn the whole mast including the Spiderbeam.
It will also carry a Heavy Duty Spiderbeam at a reduced height of 11m (36ft).

15m high aluminium telescopic push-up mast
Fully extracted length (height): 15m (49ft)
Transport length: 2m (6ft 7″)
Bottom diameter: 70mm (2 3/4″)
Top diameter: 30mm (1 1/6″)
Number of segments: 9
Wall thickness: 2mm (1/12″)
Weight: 14kg (31lbs)
Pole material: High quality anodized aluminium
Strong interlock clamps made from stainless steel