Spiderbeam 12mHD Fibreglass Telescopic Pole Package: 2




12mHD Package (2): Spiderbeam 12m Heavy Duty poles are very well suited for building 40/80/160m wire GP or inverted L antennas. They can also easily support temporary lightweight 1 Element Quad or Delta loops for 20-10m, and dipoles for all bands, especially when used with open wire feedline. These are extremely strong poles, with a much greater wall thickness (up to 2mm!) than the usual “fishing rod” types. A special reinforcing winding technique – several layers of fiberglass are wound in alternating direction (criss/cross winding) – provides greatly increased lateral and linear strength. Stronger joints are achieved by a much larger overlap between the individual tube segments than usual.
A single person can easily put them up within a few minutes. Especially developed to make our portable equipment even more rugged and durable!
High strength professional telescopic fiberglass pole with clamps kit and guying belt.

Fully extracted length (height): 12m (40ft)
Transport length: 1.18m (3ft 10″)
Bottom diameter: 55mm (2 1/6″)
Top diameter: 8mm (1/3″)
Number of segments: 12
Wall thickness: 1.4mm – 2mm (1/18″ – 1/12″)
Pole material: Black fiberglass, UV protected specially reinforced multilayer winding.