Sirio 2500502.05 N-PL Antenna Mount Long Thread



2500502.05: New N-PL antenna holder from Sirio for mobile radio antennas with frequencies from 1.5 to 100 MHz for mounting hole Ø 12.5 mm. Antenna holder UHF socket (SO-239) with protective cover when the radio antenna is not attached. The mount can be used when you have a thicker rooftop as normal and you can easily connect your cable.

New N-PL DV To SO-239 body mount
For: CB aerial or Ham Radio antenna
Mounting Hole N-PL: Ø 12.5 mm
Materials: Chromed brass, Nylon, EPDM rubber
Overall Size: Ø 42 mm
Thread: 30 mm
Complete with weather cap to minimize water ingress whilst not in use
Suitable for: PL-Fitting antennas
Fit: PL Fitting antenna on a DV Base

SUITABLE ACCESSORIES: Cable: 4m/13ft Cable for N or N-PL mounts (P/N:2505705.00)