RadioTel RG58C/U MIL-C-17G 60cm 2 X Patch Leads




RG58C/U Mil Spec: Widely used in radio communication systems, such as marine, CB radio, amateur, police, fire, mining, WLAN antennas etc., are designed to work with a 50 Ω cable. It is commonly used on mobile antennas in vehicles to the radio due to its high flexibility and small diameter enabling it to fit through tight areas. This cable can also be used on short runs for other antennas such as base station, but attenuation figures should be checked for desired losses. Permitted only indoor application, exceptionally also outdoor, under protection against sunlight.

Insulated by sign pressure, gas injected foamed dielectric
Provide supper low attenuation loss in wider frequency range
Maintain low loss and stable VSWR in high frequency against aging
Suitable for Radio Transmission, Amateur Radio and Base Radio Antenna Station
Made with high quality cable and connectors

2 X Patch Leads: (0.06cm) 2ft. fitted with PL-259 plugs
Operating Frequency Range: DC – 1 GHz
Conductor Construction: 20AWG (19/0.18mm)
Conductor Material: Stranded Tinned Copper Wires
Impedance: 50 ± 2 Ω
Velocity of Propagation: 66% Nom
Capacitance: 101 pF/M Nom.
Thickness: 1.03mm Nom.
Outside Diameter: 2.95 ± 0.10mm
Shield Material & Coverage: 95% Tinned Copper Braid
Material: 16/7/0.127mm Tinned Copper Wires
Material: LDPE
Coverage: 95% Min.
Shield Material: PVC (RoHS)
Jacket Thickness: 0.73mm Nom.
Outside Diameter: 4.95 ± 0.20mm
Sheath: Black PVC (5.00mm)
Colour: Black
Max Power Rating:
10Mhz-750 W
100MHz-230 W
200MHz- 180 W
1000MHz- 65 W