RadioWavz B14VF Antenna Balun



B14VF: The RadioWavz 4:1 Ferrite Voltage BALUN is a 4:1 voltage BALUN it has become a very popular BALUN, and can be used with both floating and symmetrical loads without modification.
Designed to handle full legal power with a low standing wave radio (SWR). It has 4 to 1 impedance ratio. The Ferrite core provides for a more efficient transformation.
Good for matching a 200 Ohm load to a 50 Ohm load, or 300 Ohm load to a 75 Ohm load. Designed to allow easy interface of ladder line antennas, long wire antennas, and folded dipoles.
Frequency Coverage: 1.8 to 50MHz
Power rated: 1500 Watts