Mosley Electronics Inc SF-402-A “SHORTY 40”



SF-402-A: The SF-402-A is a heavy duty, smaller 2 element beam for 40 Meters – SMALLER than the Mosley S-402-M – but still has BIG performance!
This smaller beam is built in the MOSLEY tradition and will give you YEARS of great performance! The Mosley “Signal Master” efficient link coupled feed coils are weather and dirt-proof offering resonant stability under any weather conditions. Pre-drilled and color coded elements for ease of assembly. Mosley, …a better antenna!
The SF-402-A is on a 14 foot boom and is less than 48 pounds assembled!
SMALLER In Size – BIG In Performance!
The antenna is typical Mosley quality and is a real DX Magnet

Frequency: MHz (7)
Power Rating: watts CW / SSB 1500 / 2500
Power Rating: AM/FM / RTTY / AMTOR 800
VSWR at resonant frequency: 1.02/1 or better
Forward Gain: dBd 3.9
Front-to-Back Ratio: dB at resonant frequency 15-17+
Boom Length: 14 ft 4.27 m
Maximum Element Length: (CW setting) 45 ft 13.72 m
Turning Radius: (CW setting) 23 ft 6 in 7.18 m
Mast Size hardware: (equipped) 2 in 5.08 cm
Assembled weight: 47.5 lbs 21.55 kg
Wind Surface Area: 5.9 sq ft 0.548 sq m
Wind Load: EIA Standard 80 MPH 144 lbs 65.32 kg
Recommended Coax: Belden RG-8 / RG-213