MFJ-969 Deluxe HF Manual Antenna Tuner 300W.




MFJ-969: The MFJ-969 antenna tuner gives you MFJs superb AirCore Roller Inductor and full 6 meters through 160 Meter coverage!
You get everything you’ve ever wanted including…300 Watts PEP SSB full featured antenna tuner, widest matching range, full size lighted Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter reads true peak forward power, QRM-Free PreTune, 8 Position antenna switch, built in 50 Ohm dummy load, heavy duty 4:1 balun — all in a tough, attractive cabinet.
The MFJ-969 Antenna Tuners AirCore Roller Inductor, gear driven turns counter and spinner knob gives you exact inductance control for absolute minimum SWR. MFJs exclusive AirCore Roller Inductor has an air core that cant burn up! You get ultra-high-Q, the lowest loss, highest efficiency and highest power handling of any roller inductor in ham radio.
MFJ’s exclusive self-resonance killer keeps potentially damaging self-resonances away from your frequency. A huge self-cleaning wiping contact gives you an excellent low-resistance connection without contact arcing or burning. They feature a solid 1/4 in. brass shaft, self-align bearings for smooth non-binding operation.
MFJ’s new ActivePeak reading Circuit accurately reads true peak forward power, also an MFJ exclusive. MFJ’s 8 position antenna switch lets you select two coax fed antennas, random wire/balanced line or the built-in dummy load for use through your MFJ 969 or direct to your rig.
MFJs QRM-Free-PreTune lets you pre-tune MFJ-969 off the air into a built in dummy load without causing QRM. Pre-tuning into a dummy load makes tuning your actual antenna quick and easy!

Type: Manual tuner with roller inductor
Frequency: 1.8-54 MHz
Power: 300 Watts
Meter: Cross needle
Weight: 2.5kg
“T” match network
Internal 4:1 balun
Coax, balanced and end fed antennas
Tuner by pass position
Built in dummy load
Roller coaster inductor
3 Way antenna switch
SO-239 and terminal connection
Size: 268 X 242 X 95mm