MFJ-849 Digital SWR Power Meter




MFJ-849: Featuring a large 3.5″ inch bright orange LCD display, the MFJ-849 HF/VHF digital SWR Wattmeter reads SWR, forward and reflected power digitally in a single glance. It covers 1.5-525 MHz, with two sensors, each with SO-239 connectors. A HF/VHF switch selects frequency range and it handles 200 Watts. This digital SWR Wattmeter is highly accurate for measuring forward power, reflected power and VSWR.

Large LCD (3.5 Inch) Bright Orange Display for easy reading.
Forward/Reflected power/VSWR ratio in one push button
The LCD is backlit and the meter runs on 13.8 Vdc.
Convenient control layout for easy operation.

Frequency range: 1.6-60MHz / 125 – 525MHz
Calibration Point: 14MHz / 50MHz / 145MHz / 435MHz
Power Range: 0 – 200 Watts
Accuracy: (+/-5%)
Minimum Power for SWR: 1 Watt
Input / Output Connector: SO-239
Insertion Loss: Less than 0.1db
Testing Function: Forward/Reflected Power and VSWR
Input / Output Impedance: 50 Ohm
Dimensions: 140 x 84 x 122mm
Weight:750 g.