Laird-Tech FSB31-1/2 RFI Range 1-300MHz Snap On Ferrite Bead



FSB31-1/2: These split ferrite cores reduce the electromagnetic interference from being induced in or radiated from data and power cables. High attenuation ratings are achieved with the housing design and the special process steps during the ferrite manufacture. The special snap lock makes the ferrite sleeve suitable for use with a variety of cable diameters and once the split ferrite is locked it cannot be opened accidentally. The outer housing is designed to protect the halves of the core from breakage and ensures simple assembly on to cables that are already installed or which have been fitted with connectors. Fixing to the cable with glue or cable tie is optional. Typical applications for these split ferrite cores include data or power lines used in computer technology, terminals, industrial controllers, medical engineering and office machines.

Initial Permeability (@ 10KHz): 1500
Material: MnZn
Max cable size – in/mm: .5/12.7
OD (A) – in/mm: 1.22/31
ID (B) – in/mm: .514/13.1
Length (C) – in/mm: 1.55/5
Z (ohms per bead – single turn 1 MHz): 25
Z (ohms per bead – single turn 5 MHz): 71
Z (ohms per bead – single turn 10 MHz): 100
Z (ohms per bead – single turn 25 MHz): 156
Z (ohms per bead – single turn 100 MHz): 260
Z ohms (per bead – single turn 250 MHz): 260
RFI range from 1-300 MHz
Ferrite Snap On, ID = .514in/13.1 mm, Mix 31
# Turns of RG-8X = 2
# Turns of RG-213 = 1