Laird-Tech 240-2605-ND Snap On Ferrite Bead



240-2605-ND: Hinged ferrite core suitable for power cords or 5D-2V / 5D-FB communication coaxial cable. Designed to suppress and dissipate high frequency noise levels caused by electromagnetic devices. Ferrite components are used to attenuate EMI and can be extremely effective for high frequency EMI noise suppression .
What are Ferrite Beads Used For?
Because ferrite bead impedance is inductive, ferrite bead inductors are used to attenuate high-frequency signals in electronic components. When a ferrite bead choke is placed on the power line connecting to an electronic device, it removes any spurious high frequency noise present on a power connection or that is output from a DC power supply. This ferrite clamp use is one of many approach to noise suppression, such as that from a switched-mode power supply. This application of ferrite beads as a ferrite filter provides suppression and elimination of conducted EMI.
Ideal for Power cables, USB, Monitor cable etc.

Fits Cable Diameter: 6-9mm / (5D-FB-5D-2V) low loss coax cable
Type: Round Cable Type.
Design: Hinged (Snap On)
Impedance @ Frequency: 220 Ohm @ 100MHz
Core Material: 28
Inner Dimension; (9.0mm)
Outer Dimension: (18.0mm)
Length: (35mm)
Mounting Type: Free Hanging
Length: (35.0mm)