KPO KPS-50SW Power Supply




KPS-50SW: Compact and light, 50 Amp. High performance switching power supply unit, with backlit instrument cluster (switchable voltage / current) and temperature-controlled fan, so that the power supply unit is almost silent when the load is low (e.g. reception mode). The maximum load is 50 A and continuous load 45 A, as well as a display instrument where the current voltage and, by switching, the power consumption is displayed. In addition, the power supply unit has a regulator to be able to shift the frequency of the infrequent disturbances “birdies”.
All operating elements are on the front and the connections for the mains with IEC connector and DC connection are at the rear. The built-in temperature controlled fan hardly runs when the load is low and is therefore almost silent. The circuit of this device is designed for the operation of radio devices, receivers and accordingly HF-proof as well as with protective circuit, short-circuit -proof and limitation to 50 Amp.

Adjustable voltage (9-15v) or fixed voltage (13.8v)
Adjustable noise offset to eliminate pulse noise from supply and meter switch (voltage or current).

Input Voltage: 220V
Output Voltage: 9-15VDC
Fixed Output Voltage: 13.8VDC
Output Current: 50A
Ripple Voltage: ≤80mVp-p
Dimension (cm): 19,5 x 8,5 x 28
Weight: 2.5kg
Protection: Short circuit Current limiting
Background light