KPO RS-50 Digital SWR Power Meter




RS-50: This SWR / Wattmeter with digital backlit display, allows the measurement of the SWR for VHF-UHF frequencies from 125 to 525Mhz, and the measurement of output power up to 120W.
The SWR / Power Meter RS-50 can be used directly, without calibration. Its low insertion loss allows it to be permanently connected. Housed in an attractive die-cast housing, the convenient shape makes it ideal for “off the bench” use for example vehicle installations or field testing. This compact unit fits in the palm of your hand, so you can carry it with you everywhere you go.

Can read out directly without any calibration
Low insertion loss structure allows it to be connected permanently.
Checks your antenna SWR
Checks your radio RF power wattage
Easy to install
Forward / Reversed / VSWR ration in one push button.
LED backlit display for ease of reading.
DC Power source: Internal “AAA” batteries / external USB port (optional).
Applicable rechargeable battery.
Micro USB – DC 5V output (does not include adapter).
Convenient control layout for ease operation.

Frequency range: 125-525 MHz
Center Calibrated: 145MHz (VHF) / 435MHz (UHF)
Maximum measurable power: 120W
Testing functions: Fwd / Rev Power, SWR
Insertion Loss: < 0.3 dB or lower
Accuracy: (AVG) + / – 5%
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Interface (in and out): UHF female (SO-239)
Dimensions: 2.75 in.(W) x 0.98 in. (H) x 1.18 in. (D) / 70 x 78 x 30 mm
Net Weight: 7.76 oz. / 220g (without batteries)

Apply output of transceiver to "TX" and antenna or load to "ANT".
”POWER” on for ready to use.
LCD display show simultaneously "Fwd / Rev Power and SWR".
For back=light, please switch" LIGHT" to "ON".
No function in 30 seconds, The backlit will automatically off.
Once PTT launched, the backlit will be back.