KPO HVT-400 High Performance HF-VHF-UHF Mobile Antenna



HVT-400: HVT Series mobile antennas are constructed of a rigid fiberglass core. This core is helically wound with copper wire and it is tuned to various band “tap” points. The KPO HVT Antenna is a shortened HI-Q design and therefore it has a narrow SWR bandwidth, particularly on 80 meters. When measuring SWR adjust the SWR meter slowly across the band… no more than 5 kilohertz at a time. Otherwise, you may miss the resonant spot. The HVT series antennas are intended for mobile installations; however, it is often used as a fixed base station or portable antenna. Trunk lip mount is recommended.
For back packing (QRP) the antenna disassembles in two section, the coil section which measures 18-inches long and the whip (stinger) which measures 36-inches long. HVT400B is an ideal “stationary mobile antenna” and for vacation and field day QTH’s.

Polarization: Vertical
Frequency range: 3.75 / 7.15 / 14.2 / 21.2 / 29 / 52 / 145 (146) / 435 or 445 MHz
Transmit: 80 / 40 / 20 / 15 / 10 / 6 / 2m & 70cm
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Maximum continuous power: 120 Watts
Connector: PL-259 (Requires SO-239 Mount and Cable)
Length approx. 176.5cm (varies depending on the frequency band)
Retractable telescopic whip for best TX/RX
Weight = +/- 485 gram
Frequency Range: 3.75 MHz (80M) – No Jumper
Frequency Range: 7.15 MHz (40M) – Jump P1 to P2
Frequency Range: 14.2 MHz (20M) – Jump P1 to P3
Frequency Range: 21.2 MHz (15M) – Jump P1 to P4
Frequency Range: 29.0 MHz (10M) – Jump P1 to P5
Frequency Range: 52.0 MHz (6M) – Jump P1 to P6
Frequency Range: 145.0 MHz (2M) – Jump P1 to P6
Frequency Range: 435 MHz (70cM) – Jump P1 to P6
Frequency Range: 118-136 MHz (Air Band) – Jump P1 to P6