Kansai Tsushin Densen 5D-2E Coaxial Cable Roll 20m



5D-2E: Low loss, high cutoff type with constant characteristic impedance in the high frequency range. It is lightweight and has excellent flexibility and workability. Used for audio signal transmission, wireless transmission / reception, connection between signal circuits and devices, and inside devices. It is lightweight, yet has excellent flexibility and processing. High shielding, low loss.
PE insulation maintains stable VSWR and low attenuation loss up to (2GHz).

Conductor Configuration: (pcs/mm) 1/1.4
Overall Length: (m) 100
Outer diameter: 7.3mm
Insulation resistance: (MΩ / km) 1000
Withstand Voltage: 1000V / min
Capacitance: 100Nf/km
Conductor Resistance: (Ω/km)(20℃) 11.7
Standard attenuation: (dB / km) 183 (at 400 MHz), 281 (at 900 MHz)
Insulation Outer Diameter: (mm) 4.8
Characteristic impedance: (Ω) 50
Cable: 5D-2V/2E
Sheath Outer Diameter: (Φmm) 7.3
Approximate Mass: (kg/km) 81
Conductor Outer Diameter: (Φmm) External 1 / 5.5, External 2 /-
Sheath Color: Black
Material: (Insulator) PE (polyethylene)
Material: (Sheath) PVC: (vinyl chloride)
Bare copper mesh shield
Standard attenuation: (20°C) (dB/km) 200MHz 125
Dielectric: 4.8mm SPE