HamKing HVT-600 High Performance HF/VHF Mobile Antenna




HVT-600: The HamKing HVT Series mobile antennas are constructed of a rigid fiberglass core. This core is helically wound with copper wire and it is tuned to various band “tap” points.
The HamKing HVT Antenna is a shortened HI-Q design and therefore it has a narrow SWR bandwidth, particularly on 80 meters. When measuring SWR adjust the SWR meter slowly across the band… no more than 5 kilohertz at a time. Otherwise, you may miss the resonant spot.
The HamKing HVT Series Antennas are intended for mobile installations; however, it is often used as a fixed base station or portable antenna.
Power rated: 200 Watts
Frequency: 3.7 MHz (80m) / 7.05 MHz (40m) / 10.1 MHz (30m) / 14.15 MHz (20m) / 18.2 MHz (17m) / 21.1 MHz (15m) / 24.95 MHz (12m) / 28.5 MHz (10m) / 50.5 MHz (6m) / 146 MHz (2m)
Transmit: 80/40/30/20/17/15/12/10/6 & 2m
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Connector: PL259 (to fit SO239 mount)
Radiation: Omnidirectional
Type: 1/4 wave
Length: 1.62 m

A solid grounding connection MUST be achieved between your antenna mount and vehicle ground for proper operation and performance.
DO NOT rely on the battery ground. The mount must be solidly connected to your vehicle’s frame for proper operation and performance.