Diamond DP-K-4TN Hideaway Trunk Mount KIT



DP-K-4TN: DIAMOND trunk lid base DPK-4TN-SR coaxial cable 5m NJ-NP KIT. Package includes Diamond’s hideaway antenna mount. As easy as 1, 2, 3. Fully adjustable, fits most vehicles. The Diamond K601M Hide-Away trunk mount lets you swing your antenna down into your trunk !!! It seems to be convenient when washing your car or when not in use.
Recommended Diamond antennas include NR73B, NR770H, NR770HB, SG7500
K601NMO: Hideaway trunk mounting bracket assembly
Coaxial cable: RG-188A/U 0.3m / 5DQ-S 4.7m
Connector: PL-259