Diamond BU-50 Antenna Balun



BU-50: High-quality 1:1 broadband balun for the frequency range 1.7 – 40 MHz and a load capacity of up to 1200 watts transmission power. The balun is made of a completely sealed, tightly encapsulated housing, waterproof and UV-resistant. Eyelets for strain relief on the antenna wires and connections made of stainless steel.

1:1 Balun, Typically for a dipole antenna
Frequency: 1.7 – 40 MHz
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Input power: 1200 Watt PEP
Connector: UHF-Female (MJ)
Dimensions in mm (L x H x D): 84 x 28 x 115
Weight: 195g