Diamond A430S10R2 70CM 10 Element Yagi



A430S10R2: This antenna has high gain for small size, easy to install and is factory adjusted, so no tuning required. Ideal for base or portable use.
High Gain
Easy Assembly
Great for base or portable use.
Quality Construction
Factory adjusted no tuning required.
Frequency: 430-440MHz
Gain: 13.1dBi
Elements: 10
Power: 50W
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Socket: SO-239
Front-to-back ratio: >15dB * VSWR <1.4:1 (typical)
Boom length: 1.20m
Mast size: 25-47mm
Wind surface area: 0.07 m2
Turning radius: 0.820m
Dimensions: 1190 x 370 x 73mm
Weight: 0.64kg