Comet SB-5 2/70cm Mobile Antenna



SB-5: The Comet SB-5 is a PL mobile antenna (radiator) for the two amateur radio bands 2m and 70cm. At around 95cm long, this mobile antenna is “neither too long nor too short”. In the 2m band, thanks to the Lambda 1/2 wave, I was also satisfied with “very little mass”. The antenna can be tilted 90 degrees.

Frequency Range: 144 / 430 MHz
Gain: 3.0 / 5.5 dBi
Max. power rating: 120W
Length: 0.95 m
Type: 1/2λ (144 MHz) 2 x 5/ 8λ (430MHz)
Connector: PL-259 (MP)
Weight:170 g