Comet HFB-20 Mobile Mono Band Antenna



HFB-20: Enhance your mobile communication experience with the Comet HFB-20 base load mobile antenna. Designed for professionals like you, this powerful antenna effortlessly amplifies signals in a frequency range of 14 MHz, guaranteeing seamless connectivity wherever you go. Crafted to perfection, the Comet HFB-20 boasts a sleek and compact design measuring at just 96 cm in length and weighing only 220 g – making it an ideal companion for all your on the go adventures. Its lightweight construction ensures easy installation without compromising on performance.
With a power capacity of 250 watts and impedance set at 50 Ohms, this robust antenna delivers exceptional signal strength with remarkable clarity. Whether you’re traversing urban areas or exploring remote landscapes, rely on the Comet HFB-20 to maintain reliable connections even under challenging circumstances. Featuring a PL connector, compatibility is never an issue as this versatile antenna seamlessly connects with various communication devices.

Frequency: 14 Mhz
Length: 0.96 cm.
Weight: 220 g
Power: 250 Watts
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Connector: PL.