Comet GP-9N 2/70cm Base Vertical Antenna



GP-9N: Comet GP-9N VHF/UHF base vertical antennas provide very high gain on the 2 / 70cm bands. These superior quality base station antennas feature a three piece, heavy duty, UV-stabilized fiberglass radome for many years of reliable service. With the highest power rating in their class, these base station antennas are ready to handle long QSOs from your high power VHF/UHF radios. Although light in weight, they incorporate strong, easy to use, extruded aluminum and stainless steel clamp on mounting hardware. While the standard GP-9 features an SO-239 style connector base, the GP-9N version is available with an N-Type female connector for maximum signal transfer! Comet is a leading manufacturer of space friendly antennas for the amateur market. Whilst they manufacture their products in Japan, they sell and ship worldwide.

Coverage: 2m / 70 cm
Gain & Wave: 8.5 dBi, 146 MHz, 5⁄8 Wave x 3
Gain & Wave: 11.9 dBi, 446 MHz, 5⁄8 Wave x 8
Construction: Heavy Duty Fiberglass (3 Sections)
Connector: NJ-GP-9N
VSWR: 1.5:1 or less
Max Power: 200 Watts
Length: 16 Ft 9″ (5.15m)
Max wind survival: 92 MPH
Weight: 5 Pounds 11 Ounces (2.2 kg)
Mounting to Mast Size: 1 1⁄4 – 2 1⁄2″ (30/62 mm)