Comet CS-400P Coaxial Lightning Protector



CS-400P: The COMET CS-400P Lightning Arrestor The coaxial lightning arrester in order to protect the transceiver from the indirect lightning stroke, that’s the Japanese explanation, but to be on the safe side, after watching the latest program on lightning. It’s very scary stuff, but at least this will help you sleep when the storms come.

Special surge arrester element is involved, which allows automatic grounding to the earth, at excess large voltage currency.
Small sized, but large capacity for high ampere.

Range: DC – 500Mhz
Power Rating: 500W PEP
Breakdown Voltage: DC400V
Size: 74 x 41 x 20mm
Weight: 95g
Fittings: SO239/PL259
Min. radiation voltage: DC400V (+/-15%)
Min. shock wave voltage: 1000V
Min. shock wave amp: 6000A
Min. shock wave repetition 500 times: DC400V (+/-20%)
Isolation register DC 100V: more than 10.000 Ohm