Comet CFX-431A Antenna Triplexer




CFX-431A: If you are in need of splitting off your HF, VHF, or UHF signals, then Comet triplexers are what you are looking for. Sometimes referred to as combiners or splitters, these triplexers are basically band-pass filters, simultaneously passing RF in both directions through the common connector, while the band pass filters provide a high degree of isolation between ports. The combined high quality filters of the CFX 431A work to prevent occurrence of TVI, and the isolation between the connectors is over 50dB.

Low Pass Frequency Coverage: 1.3-150 MHz
Mid Pass Frequency Coverage: 400-500 MHz
High Pass Frequency Coverage: 900-1400 MHz
Low Pass Loss: 0.2 dB
Mid Pass Loss: 0.3 dB
High Pass Loss: 0.4 dB
1.3 – 60 MHz: 1000W PEP
100 – 150 MHz: 800W PEP
400 – 500 MHz: 500W PEP
900 – 1400 MHz: 200W PEP
Isolation: 50 dB
Input: N type low loss socket
Low Pass Port Connector Type: UHF male, PL-259
Mid Pass Port Connector Type: Type N, male
High Pass Port Connector Type: Type N, male