Yaesu SP-2000 External Desktop Speaker




SP-2000: The Yaesu SP-2000 external Amateur Radio speaker is designed to match the Yaesu FT2000 series of communication radios, but also works with most other amateur radio devices. It has a large 4.7-inch speaker as well as a three-choice audio filter and two-selection system. The selection of cutoff frequencies can be made from the speaker: 2.4 kHz / 1 kHz / 700 Hz and 500/300 Hz. A headphone jack on the front panel is available, 120mm (4.7″) Speaker with audio response specially tailored for communications and short wave reception.

High-Cut (SSB) (2.4kHz, 1kHz, 700Hz) and Low-Cut (CW) (500Hz, 300Hz) audio filters, with response selectable from the front panel. (can also select “NORM” for no filtering application)
Two transceivers can be connected, and individually selected via the Front Panel Input switch (2 Gold Plated Input Jacks on Rear Panel)
Mute Switch
Front Panel 1/4″ headphone jack is provided to monitor tone quality and filter adjustment
Extender Feet
Gold Plated Line-Out Jack on Rear Panel, that may be used for tape recording or connection to other audio devices.
Speaker Aperture: 120mm (4.7″)
Maximum Input: 7 Watts
Input audio Impedance: 8 Ω
Audio Frequency Response: 200-11,000 Hz
Case Size: (W x H x D): 20 x 135 x 350
Weight: (kg): 2.5