Yaesu MTU-160 Tuning Unit Module RF Mu-Tune KIT




MTU-160KIT: The YAESU MTU-160 (µTner) preselector is designed to work in the 160m band (1.8MHz-2MHz). The RF µTuning kit can work with other preselectors without disconnecting the wires. The MTU160 preselector is designed to be mounted in a FTDX9000 type radio, but if it is to work as an external tuner, it requires an additional control kit with a housing: YAESU RF u-Tuning Kit – Filter base kit. Mu Tuner MTU-160 works with base YAESU radios such as: FTDX5000 / FTDX9000 / FTDX3000 / FTDX1200 / FT-2000 / FT-950
The MTU-160 preselector requires an external kit to work: YAESU RF u-Tuning Kit – Kit for external use of MTU preselectors.

Yaesu RF kit for MTU preselectors:
YAESU RF base kit for µTuner filters (prese lectors) for radios: YAESU FTDX-1200, YAESU FTDX3000, FTDX-5000 YAESU FTDX9000, YAESU FT-950E, YAESU FT-2000E, YAESU FT-2000D. The set includes covers, screws, control electronics and the required cables for connecting the selector. The controller circuits are designed in such a way that you can connect three prese lectors, without “juggling” the cables at the radio sockets. Switching bands on the transceiver will automatically switch the µtunery MTU and tune to the current frequency.

Yaesu RF u-Tune* filters, pronounced “Mu-Tune”, are the most advanced and selective receiver front-end preselector filters ever made available for Amateur Radio transceivers. Adding ultra-sharp selectivity, these devices dramatically enhance the receive performance of compatible Yaesu transceivers. The receiver front-end pass band provided by Yaesu RF Mu-Tune Preselector is an amazing 10 to 30 kHz, depending upon band. This can be of tremendous value in ensuring clear and quiet reception on crowded bands, especially during contest and DX operations.