Yaesu G-1000DXC – Heavy Duty Antenna Rotator



G-1000DXC: Yaesu G-1000DXC Heavy Duty Rotator for Large HF Arrays. This new, high-performance rotator is ideal for heavy-duty applications. Its slim line constructions is ideal for many crank up tower installations. The G-1000DXC includes a rugged mast clamp for easy installation of a pole above the rotator. If you are attaching it to a pole you will require additional mast clamps (GC-038). Total rotation range: 450°
All Yaesu rotators are housed in weatherproof, die cast aluminum enclosures and permanently lubricated for years of smooth, quiet operation. Unlike other rotators, which use noisy wedge brakes, Yaesu rotators have a quiet, reliable, gear reduction breaking system.
The G-1000 has the same features and data as the G-800, however, has a 1.5 times higher brake torque (see table). Suited for real big short wave beams. The control cable must have (6) wires. Designed for mounting INSIDE a support tower, at least 1m from the top.

Features / Specifications:
450 degree turning radius on most models
User selectable north or south centre
Quiet, gear reduction breaking system
Quick-disconnect plug for safety during bad weather conditions (lightning)
Wind Load: 2.2m 2
K-Factor: 230
Stationary Torque: 6000 kg/cm
Rotation Torque: 1100~600 kg/cm
Max Vert Load: 200 kg
Max Vert Intermittent Load: 800 kg
Backlash: 1°
Mast Size: 38~63 mm
360° Rotation Time: 43~93 sec
180° Elevation Time: N/A
Weight: 3.5 kg