Spiderbeam FT240-61 MnZn Ferrite Toroid Ring





FT240-61: Original Fair-Rite high quality toroid. These are ideal to construct Baluns for 3 to 50MHz or EMI noise suppression above 200MHz.
Ferrite toroid’s can be used as common mode choke, impedance transformer or balun.
Common mode choke.
61-Material is a good wide band common mode suppression solution in the high frequency range from 25 up to 2000 MHz.
If you use multiple cable turns around the ring core, the suppression will increase while the frequency will decrease.
Single turn frequency range 200 – 2000 MHz. Multiple turns 25 – 300 MHz.
Wide band transformer.
You can make excellent impedance transformers in the frequency range from 15 up to 200 MHz as well.
Typical applications are end fed antenna impedance transformers, off center fed antenna impedance transformers or 1:1 Balun’s.

Fair-Rite 5961003801: MnZn Ferrite Toroid, 61 material, wide band transformers up to 200 MHz, permeability ui=125
Fair-Rite 5961003801 Size: Diameter 61mm, Height 12.55mm Hole Size 36mm, color Grey
Ferroxcube 4C65 Equivalent
AL (nH): 170
Suitable for: Broadband and EMI filters
Suitable for: HF high power balun up to 1 kW.
Outer diameter (metric): 61 mm
Inner diameter (metric): 35.55 mm
Height (metric): 12.7 mm