Spiderbeam 7m Mini Fibreglass Telescopic Pole.




Mini-7m: This pole is easy to carry and ready installed within a minute. Although it is light and small enough to fit in any large suitcase, it was developed to be rugged and durable!
Spiderbeam ultra-portable Mini pole has a heavy-duty screw-on base cap at the bottom to protect its segments from rocks and mud. Nubs on the bottom of the pole help prevent slippage.
Spiderbeam fiberglass poles are extremely strong, with a much greater wall thickness than the typical “fishing rod” types. Spiderbeam fiberglass poles are perfect for supporting all kinds of wire antennas.

Suitable for suitcases and travel bags.
Recommended accessories: The matching Mini Bag for comfortable transportation of the Mini pole.
Pole material: Black fiberglass, UV protected specially reinforced multilayer winding.

Fully extracted length (height): 7m (23ft)
Transport length: 71cm
Bottom diameter: 50mm (2″)
Top diameter: 6mm (0.24″)
Number of segments: 12
Wall thickness: 0,7mm – 1,4mm (0.027″ – 0.067″)
Transport length: 0.71m (27” 15/16)