Sirio PM-125 3/8″ Magnetic Mount



PM-125 3/8″: Hi-performance multi-pole magnetic base, these new power mags have 20-30% more gripping power than conventional magnetic mounts, this version has the very popular 3/8″ thread, and suitable for most CB/amateur radio mobile whips.
Recommended maximum antenna length:
PM-125 with diameter of 125 mm: Stainless Steel Whip 180 cm / Fiberglass Whip 150 cm. For US antennas etc., round. (e.g. Firestick)

Frequency range: DC to 500 MHz
Overall Size: Ø 127 mm
Materials: Chromed brass, nylon, rubber
Cable: 3.6 m RG-58 / PL-259 Male
Connection Type: 3/8 x 24 thread.
Rubber protector boot included