Sirio ARO827 Antenna Anti Vibration Ring




ARO827: Anti-vibration and noise nylon ring for SIRIO 827 and Blizzard 2700 antenna. The nylon reinforcement ring serves to reduce the vibrations of the radials and give your base antenna much more stability.
Mounting directions:
When your antenna is installed, open its reinforcement ring and put one section of plastic on the top of the radial and the second one on the bottom.
Roll both plastic sections so that they fit together, once they are fitted use the screws to fix the position. Sirio BLIZZARD-RING reinforcing ring and avoiding noise valid for Sirio Blizzard-2700 and 827 antennas.
It only includes the Nylon ring and screws to attach it to the radials, It does not include the antenna.
Material Nylon
Diameter 350 x 8mm
Black color