RM Italy LPF 35-600 Low Pass Filter



35-600: This high power low pass filter from RM Italy can be used for transmission powers up to 600 Watts and is a 9-pole Chebyshev low-pass filter developed for effective harmonic attenuation. Especially when transmitting in the 24 MHz to 30 MHz bands, including the amateur and CB bands, it exhibits high quality harmonic suppression. It has a low insertion loss of less than 0.15 dB and a stop-band loss of more than 50 dB at 50MHz.
Installation is very simple, the filter is inserted directly into the output of the radio/radio amplifier and its output is connected to the antenna.

The filter is labeled RTX for input and ANT for output (radio antenna), but it’s actually a bi-directional network, so it can easily be used in the opposite direction as well.
Low-pass filters are designed to help you eliminate interference problems. Interference problems can be insidious and have likely troubled nearly every amateur active on the high-frequency bands today. Whenever you’re having trouble with TV or FM radio interference, installing one of these low-pass filters is always the first step. If you experience DSL interference, this filter can be used in conjunction with a power balun to remedy the situation. Placing the filter at the output of your radio often solves the harmonics problem. It doesn’t take a very strong signal to get into a receiver next door.

Type: 9-pole Chebyshev low pass filter
I/O Impedance: 50 Ohms
Cut-off frequency: 35MHz
Insertion Loss: <0.15dB 20-30MHz
SWR 50 dB at 60 MHz; >70dB at 100MHz
Maximum power: 600W continuous carrier / 1200W SSB/CW
I/O connectors: SO-239 Teflon insulator / gold contact
Dimensions: L200mm x D50mm x H40mm
Weight: 480gr