MFJ-1979 17ft 3/8″-24 Extra Long Telescopic Whip Antenna.



MFJ-1979: MFJ premium stainless steel telescopic whips are the perfect choice for building collapsible multi-band dipoles, mobiles, portable and base antennas. They are great for traveling, mini DXpeditions, vacations, etc.
They can also be used to replace your current automatic screwdriver whip for a more highly efficient fixed mobile operation.
Rigidly collared at the base, stronger than plated brass, and impervious to rust and corrosion, they stand up to the forces of nature and the rigors of portable operation where others might fail.
The base of each whip features a standard 3/8″ – 24 mounting stud for installation on mobile or fixed antenna mounts like MFJ’s lip mounts, magnet mounts, tripods and dipole mounts. Easily covers from 6 meters through 20 with manual adjustment.

Length: 16.9 feet fully extended (5.18m).
Ten sections
Collapses to 27″ inches. (685cm)