MAT mAT-1500Pro Automatic Antenna Tuner




mAT-1500 Pro: The MAT1500 Pro offers a new improved, lighter case and adds Yaesu, Icom and Kenwood transmitter interfaces, which can be tuned by transmitter control – reducing manual user operation. The mAT-1500Pro automatic antenna tuner is specially designed for modern high power transmitters and power amplifiers. It can provide reliable high-performance tuned antenna solutions for land and marine deployments and allows a maximum of 1500W (PEP) RF signals to pass. This is a universal tuner that does not require a control cable to be connected to the transmitter. Users can operate it through the multi-function buttons on the front panel. The tuner has a PTT signal control function. When a tuning cycle is started, the transmitter’s PTT signal is automatically interrupted to the power amplifier.

With 1500W (PEP) RF power handling capability, the Mat-1500 can be used for CW and SSB, over the full 3.5 to 54 MHz HF band. Sufficient memory capacity and quick tuning – With up to 16,000 data channels for storing LC configuration data, the tuner has an almost unlimited memory capacity. The tuner, using a highly optimized tuning algorithm, new frequencies are tuned in typically less than 5 seconds, previously tuned frequencies are tuned within 100.mS. The mAT-1500 has a high-strength alloy housing, strong and sturdy. The front and rear panels are machined from a complete piece of allow aluminum using a milling process.

The simple operation is the main characteristic of the tuner. There is only one square button on the front panel of the tuner. This button can complete the operation of starting tuning, offline and online functions. It is also an indicator light and can also show the working status of the tuner.

Fast Tuning
High Efficiency
Large-capacity memory
Accurate bridge VSWR inspection
3.5 to 54 MHz
1500W RF power handling
Adapt to various antennas
High-strength alloy housing
Milling production process
Tuning Impedance: 6 to 1000Ω

Frequency Range: 3.5-54 MHz
Power Rating: 1500W PEP and Average
Input Impedance: 50Ω
Tuning Impedance: 6 to 1000 Ohms (approximately 10:1 SWR)
Tune Time: Memory 100ms, initial tune 5 sec (typical)
Tune Power: 5-15W, 15W max, excessive power will damage the tuner
Memory Channels: 16,000
Tune Modes: Fully automatic and memory
RF Connector Type: M-type socket, UHF, SO-239
Auxiliaries Receive Antenna Power: 10-15V DC, 1 A max
Operational Temperature: -20 to +60°C
Finish: Black
Enclosure: Aluminum Alloy
Dimensions: 320mm x 240m x 90mm
Weight: 4.5kg

Note: We always recommend that you carefully read the instruction manual before using the product.