MAT mAT-CI Icom Control Cable




mAT-CI: The MAT-CI Icom control cable is a specialized cable designed for MAT Tuners, including the mAT-K100, mAT180H and mAT-1500 PRO tuner models. It allows for seamless connection between these tuners and any Icom HF radio equipped with the Flat 4-pin ATU connector (Not IC-705). Icom transceivers that can use the mAT-180H tuner: IC-706, 703, 718, 7000, 7100, 7200, 7300, 7410, 746, 756, 7600 series transceivers. Including all Icom transceivers that can work with the Icom AH-3 and AH-4 automatic tuners.