Kenwood SP-940 Deluxe External Speaker



SP-940: The SP-940 uses a panel made of reinforced ABS plastic and an expanded metal speaker grill to improve tone quality. It features a 4 inch, 8 ohm, 1.5 watt speaker with a frequency response of 100 to 5000 Hz. Filtration is built in with three cut-off frequencies: LOW at 430 Hz, HIGH1 at 1000 Hz, HIGH2 at 2500 Hz and HIGH1+2 at 730 Hz. This speaker features dual inputs and has a post-filtration 1/4 headphone jack.

Type: External speaker with filter
Max input power: 1.5 W
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Frequency response: 100-5000 Hz
Filter cut-off: Low: 430 Hz
High1: 1 KHz
High2: 2.5 KHz
High1+2: 730 Hz
Filter response: ?
Dimensions (W*H*D): 178*140*290 mm / (7.01*5.51*11.4″)
Weight: 2 Kg (4.41 lb)
Other: Dual input. Headphone jack.