Jiang Su Kai Bei 5D-2V Patch Lead 1m



5D-2V: Patch lead 1m in length fitted with N-Connectors. Low loss, high cutoff type with constant characteristic impedance in the high frequency range. It is lightweight and has excellent flexibility and workability. Used for audio signal transmission, wireless transmission / reception, connection between signal circuits and devices, and inside devices.
Conductor Configuration (pcs/mm): 1/1.4
Insulation resistance (MΩ / km): 1000
Withstand Voltage: 1000V / min
Capacitance: 100Nf/km
Conductor Resistance (Ω/km)(20℃): 11.7
Standard attenuation (dB / km): 183 (at 400 MHz), 281 (at 900 MHz)
Insulation Outer Diameter (mm): 4.8
Characteristic impedance (Ω): 50
Cable: 5D-2V
Sheath Outer Diameter (Φmm): 7.3
Approximate Mass (kg/km): 81
Conductor Outer Diameter (Φmm): External 1 / 5.5, External 2 /-
Sheath Color: Black
Material (Insulator): PE (polyethylene)
Material (Sheath): PVC (vinyl chloride)