Mobile One RG-58A/U 1.5m Patch Leads



RG58A/U: RG58A/U stranded, 50 Ohm coaxial cable is suitable for low power applications in the lower frequency range, such as UHF CB 477MHz communications.
For use with CB, Amateur, Scanners & SW radios – or any other radio requiring 50 Ohm coax. Fitted with N-Male plugs, connectors, ready for use.

Frequency: DC to maximum 5 GHz
Impedance: 50 Ohms – nominal
Power rated: 290W at 100 MHz
Construction: Tinned copper strands, solid PE dielectric, Tinned copper braid, aluminum foil & black PVC jacket
Dimensions: O.D. 4.95mm
Braid coverage: 93%,
Dielectric: 2.95mm
Conductor: 19 strand x 0.18mm each
Cable length: 1.5m