ITA202 Yagi 2 Elements 14MHz



ITA202: Monoband Yagi antenna, 14MHz / 2 Element space-saving, combining performance and robustness of construction. “All grounded” design greatly reducing atmospheric QRM in reception (static). Easy adjustment by gamma-match.
Frequency: 20 m (14MHz)
Length: 1,8 m
Width: 10,8 m
Boom diameter: 50 mm
Elements diameter: 30/26-25/21-20/17-16/13-12/10 mm
Gain: 6,3 dBi
F/B ratio: 18 dB
Power rated: 3000 W PEP
Adjustment: Gamma-match
VSWR at resonance: 1,1:1
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Connector: SO-239 (PL)
Weight: 12kg