HyperFlex 04201 N-Female Coaxial Connector




04201: Professional high quality flying N-Socket for 10 mm cables. type RG-213, UltraFlex10, HyperFlex10, EcoFlex10, MepFlex10, BroadPro50, Teflon insulation (PTFE), is supplied with 2 central pins, (GOLD contacts) one of which is larger depending on the cable used.
Finish in TresAlloy alloy of copper, tin and zinc (CuSnZn3) also called white bronze, this alloy, unlike nickel, is antimagnetic and does not change its color, these types of connectors are also suitable for use on boats or in seaside places, the central pin has a ring where the two Teflon disks are blocked which ensure perfect centering of the pin and prevent it from returning.
Product dimensions: 2,0cm x 4,8cm
Solder type: ”N” Female Connector