Hustler SSM-3 Professional Barrel Antenna Spring



SSM-3:The SSM-3 heavy duty stainless steel barrel spring from Hustler Antennas offers exceptional performance, quality construction, and superior corrosion resistance. The SSM-3 barrel spring was designed to relieve the mount stress from larger sized antennas. This heavy duty antenna spring will easily handle 5 foot fiberglass and 102 inch stainless steel whip mobile radio antennas that are subject to extreme conditions.
The Hustler SSM-3 is one of the strongest and highest quality CB antenna springs available. The SSM-3 measures a robust 4 inches tall and 1 ¾ inches at its widest point. Threaded for compatibility with all 3/8″ x 24 inch CB antennas and mounts. Protect your antenna, mount, and vehicle body with a Hustler SSM-3 heavy duty barrel spring.

Super heavy duty construction
Exclusive Hex nut tightening system
For 102″ whip and other extra tall antennas.
Superior quality and excellent performance
Protective top and bottom spring caps
Braided center pigtail to prevent detuning even at highway speeds.
Standard: 3/8″ x 24 threads
Impact design
Relieves mount stress from large sized antennas
Length: 4 3/16″ and width 1 7/16″ (at bulge 1 9/16″ )
Length: 105mm and width 35mm (at bulge 40mm)
Winding diameter: 5mm.