Heil Sound SB-2 Microphone Boom




SB-2: Compact and yet rugged, the Heil SB-2 Small Boom fits easily into many briefcases, allowing you to carry the SB-2, the mounting C-Clamp, and a slim-line microphone like the Heil Sound PR20 almost anywhere. The stem of the Heil SB-2 is removable, and the Heil SB-2 will screw onto a standard 5/8″ – 27 threaded microphone stand. A cable management clip is molded to the side of the SB-2 to handle your microphone cable. The SB-2 is shipped to you with our ‘stealth’ C-Clamp using our exclusive brass insert. The Heil SB-2 microphone Boom is ideal for mounting your Heil microphone in tight quarters or perfect for remote applications.

Features / Accessories:
Boom measures: 23.49 to 44.45 cm
DT-1: Flush Mount that mounts through a 1.5″ hole in the desk top
FL-2: Flange Mount secures to any flat surface
WM-1: Wall Mount
RS-1: 12″ Riser Mount