Heil Sound PR-781 Dynamic Studio Quality Microphone




PR-781: The PR-781 is a professional quality dynamic cardioid microphone for amateur radio that is specifically designed for use with most makes of Elite transceivers of Kenwood, Yaesu, Ten Tec and iCOM.
This is a truly remarkable dynamic microphone. Heil engineers were requested by ICOM to develop a very special microphone package for their new iC 7800 radio.
They didn’t want just a microphone; they wanted a SUPER microphone for a super radio. The Heil PR 780 was born.
The PR-781 is an improvement on the popular PR 780. The PR 781 is a beautiful performer into just about any microphone input, such as TS 870, 950, Pro 1, 2, 3, Yaesu Mv 5, MP, 2000 and 9000.
The PR-780 microphone terminates into a 3 pin XLR broadcast connector just as the PR 20, 30 and 40
Generating Element: Heil PR Dynamic
Diaphragm: Low mass aluminum
Output Level: -55 dB
Impedance: 600 Ohms
Polar Pattern Cardioid End Fire, uniform discrimination
Case Material Steel
Finish Black Satin Epoxy
Net weight 15 oz.