Heil Sound HiCM Microphone For Icom Only



HiCM: Do you own an older Pre PRO series Icom? Heil Sound has introduced a microphone just for you. The iCM will answer the audio problems for early ICOM transceiver owners. After a year of studying the mic preamps iCM for ICOM only and working closely with ICOM AMERICA Heil introduced their ‘iCM’ microphone, not the inexpensive electrets so common today, but a high performance electret with very high output to drive the low gain front ends of the early ICOM and exhibiting wide frequency range.
The ‘iCM’ contains the new ‘Heil ‘iC’ element in a beautiful new platinum finish body perfect for hand held use or mounting on a desk stand or microphone boom. It is supplied with a universal mic clip that will interface with a variety of stands and booms.
The ‘iCM’ comes complete with an self attached 5′ length of the ‘Heil wire’ cable and terminates in the familiar 8 pin Foster connector wired to mate with all early 8 pin ICOM front ends. A 1/4′” female pig tail exits this 8 pin connector that allows the interface of a foot switch or hand switch to control the PTT line. A ‘Soft touch’ PTT switches is mounted on the body of the ‘iCM’.
The frequency range of the new high performance Heil ‘iC’ element is 35Hz to 12,000 Hz @ -3dB. Perfect for the early ICOM audio preamplifiers.

Frequency range: 35 to 12,000Hz @ 3dB
High output electret element
Platinum body
Soft touch PTT
Complete with 1.5m Heil Wire cable
Terminated in 8-pin foster connector
1/4in pig tail for ext PTT

Note: For pre PRO series such as 735,745,751,756,761,765,781,775, etc.
Note: The iCM is designed for Icom transceivers only.