Heil Sound HMM-iC Speaker Microphone Icom Only



HMM: The unique design of the HMM eliminates the hollow, clam shell sound of hand mics of the past. This has been achieved by designing an open grill on top of the microphone case which detunes the internal hollow resonance of the housing.
The HMM is offered as the HMM and the HMM-iC. The HMM is equipped with a full range dynamic microphone element with great articulation. The HMM-iC is equipped with our iC electret element. The flexible, but sturdy, coil cable terminates to a 1/8″ male for the microphone and a ¼” male for PTT control. It is compatible with all of the Heil AD-1 adapters.
The HMM mics use the same cables as Heil’s headsets, with a 1/8″ connector for the mic and a 1/4″ connector for the push-to-talk control. These plug into the AD-1 series adapter cables, which are customized for various radio models.
These new Heil Sound HMM and HMM-IC Hand Microphones now bring advanced sound technology to mobile hand microphone applications.