Heil Sound HiCM-BG Microphone For Icom Only



HICM-BG The Heil iCM is a high-performance microphone that was designed specifically for use with Icom radios in close collaboration with Icom’s engineering team. The iCM features a high-quality condenser element that exhibits a broad frequency response (35 Hz to 12 kHz) and high output that perfectly matches the internal gain of Icom radios. Ideal for hand-held use, the iCM features a push to talk switch mounted on the body. The iCM is hardwired to an 8-foot length of Heil wire cable that terminates in an 8-pin Foster connector wired for the Icom transceivers. A ¼” inline phone jack accepts PTT input from a Heil FS-3 foot switch or Heil HS-2 hand switch.
The iCM is available in matte black/gold grill or silver finishes, and includes a foam windscreen and a microphone clip compatible with Heil Sound base stands and booms.

Microphone, iCM, Standard Type, Black Body, Gold Screen, Single Element, Electret, w/cable and 8-pin Round for ICOM Xcvr Only.