Heil Sound CC1-XLR-IB Icom Adaptor Cable




CC1-XLR-IB: The CC-1 XLR k, y & i (Adapter Cables) are also used to interface your Heil microphone with your favorite 8-pin Kenwood, Yaesu or Icom transceiver. This cable is used for our Classic Pro, GM Pro and Heritage microphones that have industry standard 3-pin balanced XLR output connectors, for use with unbalanced microphone inputs using 8-pin Foster connectors.
ALL CC-1 cables also use the commercial grade HEIL 8 pin MICROPHONE connectors (patent pending) with dual exit cable clamps and much heavier than the normal CB type connector the industry has been forced to use for decades.
All CC-1 cables are made using the commercial audio ‘Heilwire’ . The PTT d.c. control lines are located OUTSIDE of the 100% silver braid thus helping to reduce RFI and noise environments from your shielded audio input circuits

If you have several brands of transceivers, you can move your Heil microphone quickly from transceiver to transceiver without having to rewire any connectors.
All Heil Microphones require the appropriate adapter to mate them to your particular model transceiver.
A 1/4″ female connector exits the radio connector which allows you to connect our footswitch or handswitch to control the PTT lines of the transceiver.
The CC-1 XLR k, y & i Series adapters are only available in an 8 pin Foster style connector for Kenwood, Yaesu & Icom and are used only for the Heil ProLine microphones. Additionally, these adapters convert the microphone’s balanced output signal to an unbalanced signal suitable for your transceiver’s microphone input.
Cable Kit for Icom, XLR fits the PR781, and other Pro Series microphones