Heil Sound AD-1-IHT Icom Headset Adaptor Cable




AD-1-IHT: The Heil AD-1-IHT adapter cable allows you to use your favorite Heil IC headset with the Icom 705 Transceiver and Icom handy talkies.
The AD-1-IHT features an 1/8” microphone jack, inline push-to-talk switch, and terminates in a 2.5mm plug for the microphone input on the Icom 705 or Icom handy talkie. (The headphone speaker output of your headset plugs directly into the radio).
The AD-1-IHT is designed to work with Heil IC headsets only. The AD-1-IHT is not compatible with dynamic headsets.
The AD-1-IHT is 11” in length.